Is timber environmentally friendly?2017-08-14T20:18:54+00:00

Yes, timber is one of the most sustainable building products available. It is a renewable energy source, it can be recycled at the end of its life, and if forested under one of the many sustainability certifications, it promotes the ban on illegal logging, deforestation and promotes the forest managers to produce under better conditions for environmental sustainability.

Should a timber deck be varnished?2017-08-14T20:18:11+00:00

No, varnishing a timber deck does not allow the natural fibres to breathe. It can trap water in causing rotting, as well as it can cause the top surface to get extremely hot to the touch. Re-applying varnish can be a lot more hard work to sand and reseal.

Will a timber deck dry, fade, twist and rot?2017-08-14T20:17:48+00:00

This will be dependent on the how often and how well the deck is cared for during maintenance.

Are there any warranties?2017-08-14T20:17:26+00:00

There are no warranties which cover the timber itself, however the installer should provide a warranty for the workmanship and installation. The period it would be valid for would be dependent on the installing contractor.

How long will a timber deck last?2017-08-14T20:16:59+00:00

Anything from 5-10 years and upwards to 15 years, as long as it is installed well and maintained correctly. This also varies depending on the type of timber chosen.

Do composites stain?2017-08-14T20:16:30+00:00

It would depend on what type of stain it is and on what type of composite product. The manufacturer’s/supplier’s Care and Cleaning instructions should always be followed, or they should be contacted to provide a suitable solution.

Can composite wood be used as a structural material?2017-08-14T20:16:07+00:00


Are composites easy to work with?2017-08-14T20:15:41+00:00

Composites are generally very easy to work. Almost all composites are made to be installed with a clip and screw and cutting is done with a timber circular saw.

Will my composite deck get slippery when wet?2017-08-14T20:15:14+00:00

Most of the wood composites in the market have the equivalent slip resistance as wood or smooth asphalt. It is important to take into account the quality of the product as well as the composition.

Do composites fade?2017-08-14T20:14:50+00:00

Most composites do fade within the first 6 months after installation, and then the colour stabilises. This is all dependant on the product and the quality of the UV stabilisers added. It is always important to remember that over time, ANY outdoor product fades from the harsh UV sun rays.

Do composites burn easily?2017-08-14T20:14:22+00:00

Most composites in the market have a relatively good fire rating – usually a class C.

Are composites splinter free?2017-08-14T20:13:59+00:00

Composites are splinter free and bare foot friendly.

Do composites show scratches and gouges from foot traffic and outdoor furniture movement?2017-08-14T20:13:32+00:00

Any surface will show evidence of normal wear and tear. Scuffs and scratches are usually no problem. Gouges from furniture cannot be removed but allowing them to weather will bring the colour consistency back to a point that will make it less noticeable.

Why do most composites cost more than real timber?2017-08-14T20:13:02+00:00

Most composites cost more than real timber due to the manufacturing process. Recycled plastic needs to be cleaned and processed before it can be utilised in the manufacturing process. The addition of chemicals needed for the colour pigments, UV stabilises, mould inhibiters etc. add to the cost of the product. Not to mention most of the composites in the market are imported as well, which adds cost to the final product.

Do timber decks need to be treated?2017-08-14T20:12:08+00:00

Yes – depending on the type of timber, sanding and oiling should be done anything from 4 times a year to once a year, also depending on the environmental conditions it is subject to daily.

What is composite wood made of?2017-08-14T19:53:28+00:00

Recycled wood fibre and a variety of recycled plastics. The composition can vary depending on the manufacturer.

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