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Structural material is a very important factor to consider when building a deck. Your deck is only as strong as the sub-structure it is built on. On The Deck has a range of structural materials including wood composite batten, Buzon pedestals and structural pine.

Many factors need to be considered when making the choice between substructure materials, for example the ground conditions that it will be built on top of, height above ground level, waterproofing concerns, what decking product you choose and environmental conditions.

Structural pine should always be CCA treated as well as H3 rated when building a deck or using it for an outdoor application. The H3 rated pine is suitable for outdoor uses and above ground applications. It is also resistant to termites. Should your application need to have in ground or water contact, the Hazard Rating should be increased accordingly.

Product Specifications

  • Hazard Rating:                     CCA H3

  • Dimensions:                         114 x 38mm                            152 x 50mm

  • Lengths:                                5.7m                                         5.7m

  • Weight per Length:              17kg

  • Weight per Meter:                2.98kg

Aluminium is an easy-to-work-with material when constructing a substructure. It has above average corrosion resistance, great machinability and is excellent to weld with. Aluminium should be used when working in a screed that carries its own load. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 38 x 38mm

  • Gauge: 2mm

  • Length: 6m

  • Weight per Length: 5.1kg

  • Weight per Meter: 0.85kg

Wood composite battens are an alternative to timber and aluminium. The application for the composite batten is on a screed that carries the load, as the composite batten is not a structural material. The composite battens do not have to undergo any treatments against insects or rotting.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 30 x 40mm

  • Length: 3.6m

  • Weight per Length: 7kg

  • Weight per Meter: 1.94kg

Buzon Pedestals are an innovative support system which is millimetre adjustable and is able to bear loads of more than 1000kg/pedestal. The pedestals can be used to support multiple surfaces from timber to composite wood and even paving slabs. Not only do the pedestals raise the surface, but it can also correct slopes from 0-5cm per meter per slope corrector.


Product Specifications

  • Pedestal Heights: 41 – 1030mm adjustable OR 14mm permanent pedestal

  • Material: Copolymer polypropylene (CPP)  |  Composition: 80% recycled PPC, 20% talc and UV black masterbatch  |  100% recyclable

  • Environmental Performace: Resistant to UV, sea salt and almost all chemicals  |  Functional Temperature range: -30° to + 90°

  • Batten Support Sizes: 35 – 90mm

  • Application: Roof-top surfaces and screeds


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