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Timber is a traditional material used in many decking installations and other outdoor applications such as cladding, screens and furniture. The natural textures and colours of timber decking compliment almost all environments that it is used in; providing the area a sense of charm, warmth and nostalgia as well.

Timber, when used for decking, should not be varnished. It should rather be oiled to create a lower maintenance application. If timber decking is maintained regularly, it can last for years to come. To provide multiple colour options and different effects to any type of timber deck, stains can be added to oils if you wish. Alternatively, timber can also be left to naturally weather over time.

Please click on the images below to read more about the various timber species we supply, their specifications, and to view their timber property comparisons.


Pinus Radiata



Manilkara Bidentata


Red Balau

Shorea spp



Apuleia Leicarpa


Rhodesian Teak

Baikiaea Plurijuga



Eucalyptus Grandis


Cumaru (Brazilian Teak)

Dipteryx Oderata


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