Cumaru (Brazilian Teak)

Dipteryx Oderata

Cumaru has excellent durability and weathering properties making it a perfect outdoor decking timber, as well as a timber that can be used for multiple outdoor applications, such as screens, cladding, and furniture.

The grain of Cumaru is interlocking with a medium texture. It also has a waxy feel. The colour tends to be medium to dark brown in the heartwood, but can sometimes have a reddish or purplish hue; and some pieces may also have streaks of yellowish to greenish brown variations.

Product Specifications


Northern South America

Tree Size:

40 – 50m

Trunk Diameter:

1 000 – 1 500mm

Average Dried Weight:

1 085 kg/m3

Common Lengths:

1,2 – 6m (300mm intervals)

Common Dimensions:

21 x 90mm

Joist Spacing:

400mm CTC

Cumaru timber is comparable to Ipe timber and is also classified as a “Rolls-Royce” of timber decking material, also known as “Brazilian Teak”, Cumaru Timber should withstand most harsh weather conditions and provide you with a very long and stable lifespan. The beautiful, rich and warm colour tones create an inviting outdoor area that you’ll find it difficult to leave. It may be slightly more difficult to work than other hardwoods due to its density, interlocking grain and silica content, but its durability and stability outweigh the workability.

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Timber Comparisons

Timber is an organic product, as such, many people don’t realise that timber performance can be measured and averaged. These numbers are well documented and accessible to the consumer. They can tell you all you need to know about what to expect from a particular timber. We believe your choices should be based on fact and not perception or “hear say”. To make it easier to decipher these numbers, we have placed a table below that compares the various hardwood decking timbers On The Deck supplies. We then decipher what each analysis effectively means to your particular project.

  Pine Massaranduba Red Balau Garapa Rhodesian Teak Saligna Cumaru
Janka Hardness (lbs) 710 3 130 1 600 1 650 2 990 1 260 3 540
Dry Weight (kg/m3) 515 1 080 850 820 890 640 1 085
Modulus of Rupture (MPA) 79.2 192.2 122.3 127.8 84.3 107.8 175.1
Elastic Modulus (GPA) 10.06 23.06 16.95 15.57 8.48 14.15 22.3
Shrinkage Radial (%) 3.4 6.7 5.5 4.2 2.6 5.9 5.3
Shrinkage Tangential (%) 6.7 9.4 10.1 7.5 4.5 10.1 7.7
Shrinkage Volumetric (%) 10.7 16.8 15.7 11.4 6.9 15.5 12.6
T/R Ratio 2 1.4 1.8 1.8 1.7 1.7 1.5
Durability Class Rating Class 3* Class 1* Class 2* Class 1* Class 2* Class 3* Class 1*

* Class 1 = Highly Durable | Class 2 = Durable | Class 3 = Moderately Durable

Timber being a natural and organic material means that each and every species is different and has unique properties which makes them suitable for a range of different applications and uses. We have simplified the main properties that are measured and put it into an easy to read and simplified version so that the numbers relate back to how the timbers perform.


Cumaru Properties

Janka Hardness

Cumaru scores the highest out of our timber rages making in one of the most resistant and extremely hard wearing timbers.

Dry Weight

Very dense and even beating Massaranduba at 1085kg/m³

Modulus of Rupture

Only just falling short of Massaranduba’s breaking point at (192.2 MPA), Cumaru performs just as well at (175.1MPA) for bearing a load

Elastic Modulus

Also comparing very well, Cumaru does not bend or distort easily

Shrinkage and T/R Ratio

Cumaru performs more along the lines to Garapa in this category than Massa, and proves to fair very well compared to the trusted hardwoods supplied in the industry and should perform well in a variety of environments


Cumaru In Application

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