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Deck Design Inspiration: From Trendy to Traditional

Deck designs – the choice is yours!

Spring is a great time to plan and build your new deck (yes, spring is just around the corner…). To give you some inspiration for your ideal outdoor living space, we have selected a few of the latest trends in deck design, from a basic rectangle to intricately curved sections. Your deck design can be as simple or complex as you like. Among the year’s trends in decks and outdoor living, here are six that captured our attention.

Bringing the indoors out

This deck trend has been on the upswing for several years now. Simply put, it’s a blurring of the lines between the home’s indoors and its outdoor living space. Large patio doors and movable wall sections enable family and friends to move freely in and out, while also providing plenty of fresh air and open views. This deck design trend also applies to the decking material, as more homeowners desire a strong visual tie between indoors and outdoors.

Multi-level Decks

Whether as a typical deck attached to the home, or as a free-standing deck, an increasingly popular deck design incorporates decks of various heights. Rather than having one large deck all on one level, these creative decks have sections higher and/or lower than the main deck. In addition to providing an eye catching design, this is also a good way to define functional areas. For example, a small raised or lowered section can provide an intimate conversation nook or a private space for a glorious outdoor hot tub. You can also set-off a raised or lowered deck as a dining space, to separate it from the distractions of your outdoor kitchen.

Curved Decks

As deck designs have evolved in recent years, more deck builders and DIYers are moving beyond simple squares and rectangles, to include curved decks. These range from decks with a curved edge on one side to circular decks, and even intricate shapes like leaves or guitars. While more challenging to build than rectangular decks, composite decking makes a curved deck easier, as the boards can be bent after heating – something that is more difficult to achieve with wood and that is not possible with aluminum decking.

Multiple Decking Colours

The advent of composite decking in a variety of colours enables homeowners to create more visually captivating decks. Some ideas include installing a row or two of darker boards around the edge of a light coloured deck, to serve as a frame, and outlining cut-out areas for trees and shrubs (or reversing the colour – using lighter boards to frame a darker deck). For a double contrast, place the highlight board(s) on a different alignment from the boards in the majority of the deck (either perpendicular, or at an angle). A truly adventurous builder can even bend a contrasting composite board to meander through the deck, for a one-of-a-kind design.

Detached Decks

Contrasting with the first deck trend, many homeowners are looking to create a backyard retreat away from the home. This can be called an “alfresco dining area,” which can take the form of a patio or a free-standing deck that’s not attached to the house, as is common. The remote retreat ambiance of these spaces can be enhanced with landscaping for privacy and a meandering path, which provides a sense of journey and transition.

Ground Level Boardwalks

Whether to connect your home to an “alfresco dining area” as discussed above, or as a garden path, another deck trend to note is low-lying boardwalks. Because MoistureShield decking can be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater, it is ideal for such applications.

On The Deck supplies composite and timber decking materials which will achieve your vision – whatever trend you decided to follow (or not). Have a look at our Trex, MoistureShield and Envirodeck ranges of composite decking, or our timber options, to see what would suit your space and lifestyle. If you have no idea where to start, please contact us and we will be happy to chat through some options with you.
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