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An Architectural Style For Every Project.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Outdeco brings us a range of revolutionary outdoor decorative privacy screens, which are built on innovative thinking and a commitment to producing beautiful products which are both practical and earth friendly. Available in three versatile modular sizes with three measured privacy ratings, you will easily find a screen design to suit the needs of any project, however creative the application.

1200 x 600mm screen range

The Sturdiest and Most Versatile Format

The 1200 x 600mm range provides the most design options off all of the Outdeco sizes, each with its own privacy rating. Either choose a single design or mix and match different patterns to create unique effects that will enhance the look and feel of your space. The size of these screens makes handling and working with them easier and more manageable than the other sizes.

Available Designs:

Bungalow™ 60%
Mahjong™ 60%
Leafstream™ 60%
Lantern™ 80%
Herringbone™ 80%
Marakesh™ 80%
Wooloomai™ 80%
Cumulus™ 90%+
Star Anais™ 90%+
Orchard™ 90%+

Project/Special Order (12 – 16 Weeks):

Nest™ 80%
Osaka™ 80%
Gondwana™ 90%+

1800 x 600mm screen range

The Full Visual Expression in an Easy-to-Manage Size

The 1800 x 600mm panel was engineered to capture the full visual expression of the larger format range but to keep the manageability and ease of handling of the smaller screens. This is an intermediary between the two original sizes making the modular mixing of different size panels much easier.

Available Designs:

Star Jasmine™ 60%
Byron™ 80%
Mountain Ash™ 90%+

Project/Special Order (12 – 16 Weeks):

Modina™ 90%+

1800 x 1200mm screen range

The Largest Format for the Most Striking Impact

Beautiful designs on a large screen make filling larger spaces quicker and more efficient, with a striking overall effect. The larger 1800 x 1200mm panels can be a bit more difficult to manage on your own, but with a team, the installation is just as simple as working with the smaller screens. The modular panels are designed to be flexible – you can choose to use the designs in either a landscape and portrait orientation.

Available Designs:

Stonefield™ 80%
Monsoon™ 80%
Daintree™ 80%
Empire™ 90%+

Project/Special Order (12 – 16 Weeks):

Orient™ 90%+

Why Outdeco?

Privacy and Style in Limitless Applications

Outdeco’s stunning range of hardwood screens boast a negative carbon footprint, superior durability and workability, and an architectural style to suit any space.

Each Outdeco pattern has an engineered privacy/block-out rating that indicates the amount of UV or vision that is blocked or screened-out. For many projects this may not be a critical point, but it does give a guide to the visual effect of the screens. For some projects, this privacy rating may be a compliancy requirement.

60% | Ambient Light

Create delicate, airy spaces with the 60% rating, which is perfect for decorative effects, or to create visual partitioning without dramatically cutting-out natural light. These designs are popular for interior effects, offsets on walls, or as suspended ceiling details.

80% | Moderate Privacy

This rating creates beautiful, decadent light and shadow effects, whilst still offering considerable privacy or barrier partitioning. These screens are well-suited for both open (seen from both sides) partitioning, or for shadow walling effects (framed against a wall or fence).

90% + | High Privacy

The ultimate in privacy, the 90%+ rating gives an almost total block-out, allowing only fine shards of light or vision through when looking at the panel straight-on. These designs are also very effective when back-lit by LEDs to create stunning outdoor focal features at night.

What’s Your Finish of Choice?

Easily Transform Any Space

Whether you are looking to make a bold, modern statement in your outdoor space, or would rather go for a more subtle, understated effect, Outdeco screens can be finished however you like, using products which are readily available at hardware stores.

Natural Rustic Look

The vast majority of Outdeco screens are installed in outdoor conditions without secondary coatings. No priming is needed as each screen is coated with DecoShield™ – a natural, protective coating, which allows the timber to weather to a rustic grey over time.

Sealed/Stained Effect

A broad selection of low VOC, water-based seal and stain coating products are commonly available for natural timber decking. These products can be applied directly to Outdeco screens to create different stained effects or to re-invigorate the natural colours of the panel.


Low VOC, water-based exterior paint products can be applied directly to Outdeco screen panels to create stunning visual effects. Exterior decking and timber coating products commonly available at your local hardware shop should be fine for use on the screens.

Why choose Outdeco?

An Outdoor Product That’s Uniquely Sustainable

Outdeco hardwood screens are made of boards which are more stable than most exterior timbers, but offer a soft organic look and feel, plus the knowledge you’ve made a carbon negative choice. The beauty of a negative footprint production process is that it doesn’t just ‘not increase’ the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, but it also absorbs carbon dioxide from other people’s manufacturing processes, cleaning our air for a healthier planet.

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