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Modern Outdoor Cladding Ideas

Take a look at some of these creative outdoor cladding ideas that totally transform their outdoor spaces.

New Heights

Architect: Fernau & Hartman | Photo by: Richard Barnes Photography

Traditionally, when homes were clad in wood, the boards were run horizontally. Running the boards vertically is a hot new trend for the exterior of contemporary homes, as the lines draw the eye upward, emphasizing the shape and height of the home, rather than elongating it.

Contemporary Cladding

This property uses modified wood to create interest and depth on the exterior by finding many different uses for the same material. Using the wood for cladding, decking, ceiling and privacy screening gives this property an incredibly fresh and current appearance.

Architect: Bliss


Architect: Lincoln Miles | Photo by: Julian Winslow
This contemporary home makes great use of wood cladding over its exterior by mixing the installation styles. You’ll notice that while some of the boards are installed horizontally, on other parts of the exterior this changes to a vertical installation. This is a great way to show contrast between different sections of the home. This property also keeps it interesting by a strip of darker cladding along the top, adding even more variation and allure to the home’s appeal.

2D Design

To add dimension while using the same sustainable modified wood, the installation varies from vertical to horizontal orientations. Taking the multi-purpose use one step further, they used the cladding to create a railing / privacy screen on the second floor balcony by subtly increasing the spacing between the boards.

Architect: Kontur arkitektur + konstruksjon | Photo by: Kontur, Lasse Haldrup Juul

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Thanks to Kebony for the inspiration: http://kebony.com/en/blog/modern-exterior-cladding/

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