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Outdoor Entertaining Tips for Summer

Summer in South Africa is the most social season, with festive weekend braais, afternoons spent around the swimming pool, and relaxing picnic in the garden. Here are some outdoor entertaining tips for summer.

Comfortable Seating

Make sure you have enough comfortable seating. Repurpose indoor furniture or even camping chairs and benches around your backyard to create a comfortable space where your guests can relax for hours on end.

At your outdoor dining table, make your seating a bit more comfortable with a few inexpensive cushions or pillows. Your guests will be more inclined to stay around the table and enjoy your delicious feast.

Keep Dining Essentials Nearby

Once dinner has started, the last thing you’ll want to do is run back and forth from your party to inside of your home to grab last minute dining essentials. Gather things like extra utensils, serving utensils, plates, cups, napkins, and condiments and keep them on a table or tea cart nearby.

Make Drinks Easy to Access

On another table or counter, provide a drinks station for your guests. Stock it full of the drinks of your choice—sangria, lemonade, refreshing cocktails – the list goes on.

Also keep ice buckets, serviettes and cups out to create an easy self-service drink station that will keep your guests hydrated all day long.

Keep Rubbish from Piling up with Outdoor Bins

Keep your party pristine with easy outdoor trash bins. Baskets, laundry hampers, buckets—whatever you have on hand can easily be converted to simple and easy trash bins that you can keep outside for your guests. Not only will this keep your yard clean, but also cut down clean up time post-party while also keeping mess inside your home at bay.

Keep Bugs at Bay with Citronella Candles

Warm weather brings pesky bugs and mozzies. The last thing you want is your guests swatting away bugs throughout the day. Line your party area with citronella candles. This will help keep bugs away from your food, guests, and home.

Keep Your Dining Area Shaded

If your braai area is not under cover, invest in a quality umbrella that can be moved around your garden to host a comfortable, sunburn-free summer party.

Ready to host a great summer party? We’ll help you design and create a beautiful outdoor entertainment area. Click here to get in touch with us or email info@onthedeck.co.za.

Thanks to Chefd for the inspiration!

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