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Is Eco Decking The Right Choice For Your Next Project?

We take a look below at the top five advantages of eco decking.

Choosing the right decking or cladding material for your next project can be a bit daunting considering these aren’t the kinds of projects you would like to be doing on a yearly basis. The materials used in a deck or outside space should last for decades, not years – it’s an investment in your home.

With the movement towards eco decking and sustainable building materials, On The Deck is proud to offer our clients a variety of composite brands and products which besides being environmentally friendly and Earth conscious, are also premium products which give you peace of mind that your outdoor spaces will retain their beauty even after many years.

We have gathered a few of the advantages of choosing eco-friendly composite decking for your next project. If you would like to learn more about our products or chat to one of our representatives about the benefits in using our products, please contact us.

1. Performance

Composite decking, at its core, is designed with performance in mind. Created out of a mixture of both timber and recycled plastic, you get durable decking boards which are fade resistant, don’t stain or scratch, and are not prone to mould. Unlike traditional timber decking, composite decks are also slip-resistant, splinter-free and don’t attract insects, making it a great choice for poolside areas where people are generally barefoot. Probably one of the most appealing factors about eco decking is that it won’t rot, crack or warp – you’re investment will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed with very little maintenance.
MoistureShield LifeCycle Elite | Forest Brown

2. Low Maintenance

Traditional timber decks are hard work. Eco decking boards never require and sanding, staining, sealing or painting. Easily cleaned with a quick sweep, and occasionally with soapy water or a high-pressure cleaner, areas where composite decking are used need considerably less maintenance than areas where timber decking, tiles or other materials are used.
MoistureShield LifeCycle Elite | Grey

3. Sustainability

Of course, one of the biggest attractions of eco decking is exactly that – they are considered “green” building materials and do not impact the environment like traditional timber decks. Using recycled plastics from common items such as shopping bags and milk bottles, composite decking provides the look and feel of wood without the environmental impact. Another plus is that the boards are available in set lengths, which further reduces waste and lessens the impact on the environment.
MoistureShield LifeCycle Euro | Grey

4. Long Term Cost Savings

If you are speaking to contractors and gathering quotations on the various decking materials available in the market, you will no doubt find that in many cases, timber is the cheaper choice in the short term, compared with composite products. However, an important consideration to make is the long-term cost of maintaining a timber deck versus the initial cost saving. Sanding, staining, sealing and painting a timber deck every year or two and land up being incredibly costly over a ten year period, whereas you have none of that expense with eco decking.
MoistureShield LifeCycle Elite | Ocean Coral

5. Beauty and Aesthetics

Last, but certainly not least, eco decking is beautiful. Most composite boards are designed with wood grain patterns and rich colours which are fade-resistant, making them look and feel like natual wood. From light sandy colours to dark earthy browns, the range and variety of composite boards available will no doubt suit any style of project – whether modern or a more homely environment.
MoistureShield Vision | Smokey Grey

So, is eco decking the right choice for you? It’s important to look at all the features and benefits of each type of material and make a considered decision. Contact us today to chat to one of our representatives to see what the best option is for your next project.

Looking for a little inspiration? Have a look at our gallery for stunning ideas for your outdoor areas and entertainment spaces.

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