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Ten Steps to Choose the Right Decking Installation Company

A decking installation can be quite an investment into your home (or business) and sometimes, even more important than choosing the right decking material, is choosing the right company to install your deck. Without proper installation, even the very best decking materials can fail, and also, warranties may be voided if the correct installation techniques weren’t adhered to.

Throughout this article we are showcasing projects completed by our trusted installers. If you are looking for decking companies, please contact us and we will be able to refer you to a company in your area.

1. Don’t go with the first name that pops up on Google

Google is a wonderful thing, but it can also be misleading in terms of who shows up first on your searches. Remember, just because a decking installer’s details show up first, does not immediately give them credibility. Go through a few pages on Google and check multiple websites (if that’s the way you’re going to go about selecting an installer) and refine your list of possibilities from there.

2. Find them via referrals

Choosing to install a deck isn’t a decision that’s made over night, and neither should be who you get to install it. Spend a few months before you’re ready to install the deck looking around at places you visit and if you see a deck that you really like, or see a deck that looks like it’s been well-installed, don’t hesitate to ask the property owners for the installer’s details (and what their experience with the company was like).
Trex Contours | Torino Brown

3. Ask for references – and phone them

All too often, we ask for a list of references or past clients and take them at face value without actually following them up with a phone call to confirm that they had the experience that the decking installation company said they did. Take a few minutes and make those calls – you will be saving yourself from making a very costly mistake.

4. Check for reviews on Google and Facebook

Reputation is everything. People these days are very quick to give reviews of their experiences with the companies online. Make sure you are using a company whose ratings and reviews, while maybe not all 5-star, are predominantly high.
Moistureshield LifeCycle Elite | Grey

5. Be open to different options

Don’t just get one quote from one company on one product – get quotes from multiple companies, make sure to ask about all of the products they work with, and ask them for their suggestions too. Remember, decking installers work with these products day in and day out – they will be able to advise whether the product you want to use will be best for your location, application and the look you’re after.

6. Don’t go for the cheapest

The cost of the project obviously plays a large part in the decision making process, but the saying “paying for peanuts gets you monkeys” is never truer when it comes to home builds and renovations. The very worst thing you can do with a project like this is go for the cheapest option and find yourself having to replace your deck in a year or two – it will land up costing you even more in the long run. The rule of thumb is to get three to five quotes and go with one at mid-range.
Timber | Red Balau

7. Look at the company history

Is your project going to be the first one that the company is completing? Or do they have a solid track record of deck installations? Ensuring that the installers have been properly trained and have at least a few successful projects completed with the product you are going to use is a good place to start.

8. Don’t just ask to see their latest work

Ask them about previous installations they have done – five or ten years ago. The newest installations are always going to look great – they’re brand new. You need to ensure that the decks that the company installed many years ago are still holding their integrity and finish.
Timber | FSC Certified Cumaru

9. Look for decking specialists

Because a deck is quite a specialised application, find a company that specialises specifically in deck installations, or a company that has a decking specific division. If you are looking at a company that can install your deck, your gutters, your gate and waterproof your roof, their skills are probably somewhat diluted. If you have found a company that does everything, make sure to check their previous projects.

10. Go out and look at some previous installations

If at all possible, try and go to sites where the decking company has actually done a deck installation. Pictures and galleries can be deceiving – first prize would be to physically see an installation for yourself. This isn’t always possible, but it can definitely help give you peace of mind.

Contact us today on info@onthedeck.co.za to chat to one of our representatives if you are looking for a reputable, reliable deck installer.

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