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Inspirational Pool Decks

Looking for a little inspiration for your pool deck?

Are you looking to replace your pool paving? Or are you building a new pool and not sure what to do with the surrounding area? Summers are meant to be spent pool-side, soaking up the sun and relaxing in a comfortable outdoor space – make sure that whatever products and materials you use around your pool are practical, low maintenance, high in quality and of course, beautiful.

We have collected a few inspirational pool decks from recent installations of On The Deck products to show you what can be done with the decking around your pool.

1. Mix It Up

Trex Contours | Chateau Grey
If you have existing stone work/paving and want to add areas of composite decking, this can be achieved quite easily. We have a range of beautiful colours in our various decking brands, so finding a colour that complements your existing structures and surrounding areas is easy.

2. Make Your Deck The Feature

Even if you have a relatively small outside area, installing a small deck next to your pool can create a beautiful feature which actually opens the area up and makes it seem bigger than it is. Composite decking is neat and clean and can help subtly create separate outside living spaces.
MoistureShield Vision | Sandstone

3. Bring Spaces Together

Timber | Cumaru

Your deck doesn’t need to stop around your pool – extend your outside living spaces by building other structures with the same material you have used for your pool-side decking. Pergolas, fire pits, jacuzzis, patios, wall cladding – just about anything you want can be built from your decking material, to expand the area and ensure all of the spaces work together beautifully. On The Deck has a wide range of timber decking if you would like a more traditional deck for your home.

4. Neaten Things Up

Building a raised deck can be a great way to hide away unsightly pool pumps and filters. In the below installation, the deck was built over the pool pump with concealed trap doors for easy access. Other storage areas can also be built into the deck, to keep pool toys, pool nets and even fold up chairs when they’re not being used – a really practical way to keep your garden and pool surrounds clear of clutter.

Trex Transcend | Spiced Rum

5. Blending In

Timber | Rhodesian Teak
If you want to create a more understated outside living space and blend in to the surrounding environment, choosing a timber deck might be an option for you. We have a wide range of timber decking options, from light Pine, to the reddish brown Saligna, and the rich, warm Massarunduba. Have a look at our timber decking range to find a colour that complements your outdoor area.

When choosing a decking product, it’s important to look at all the features and benefits of each type of material – our composite decks are at their core, low-maintenance, long-lasting and high-performing. Timber decks are more traditional and offer beautiful options in terms of natural textures and colours. Contact us today to chat to one of our representatives to see what the best option for your next project is.

Looking for a little inspiration? Have a look at our gallery for stunning ideas for your outdoor areas and entertainment spaces.

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