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Project Belmond Eagle Island Lodge

Africa’s ultimate water-focused safari has recently reopened with a new look and feel, allowing guests to discover a unique and dramatic ecosystem in total luxury in Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta.

Project Description

Located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s largest inland water systems, Belmond Eagle Island Lodge reopens following a ten-month closure and almost total rebuild.

The changes add innovation and originality to the Okavango experience. Fresh new tented guest accommodation, dining areas and lounges reflect the region’s natural beauty and the adventures of early explorers.

Each of the lodge’s spacious Deluxe Tented Rooms boasts its own plunge pool. A private deck provides the perfect space to soak up the scenery.

Flooded with daylight, the interior décor is elegant and light. The centrepiece of every tented room is an oversized bed with views of the delta. The uniquely designed, handmade copper-finish headboards reference Botswana’s mining tradition.

We decided to use Garappa in this application due to its stability and durability. Often overlooked due to its yellow colour, it’s one of the few hardwood decks we are happy to do in a 140mm width. Despite its colour, Garrapa will go grey if you allow it to weather. The aesthetic for this lodge required that decking and flooring be black, Rubio Monocoat was specified to achieve this look. Garappa is rated as a Class 1 deck and so it should easily last in this application for 25 years and more.



Belmond Eagle Island Lodge


Okavango Delta, Botswana

Type of Installation:

Commercial Lodge


1 500m² of Decking and Flooring

Product Used

Garapa Timber

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