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Project Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge is perfectly situated in the middle of the Madikwe Game Reserve which is one of the largest private game reserves in South Africa; which provides them with huge advantages on game drives and traversing.

Project Description

The reserve consists of vast plains of open woodlands and grasslands and is dotted with huge rocky outcrops known as inselbergs. The Reserve is bordered by Botswana on the northern boundary and the Dwarsberg mountain range to the South.

The Madikwe Hills Private Game Reserve boasts 10 supremely spacious and luxurious suites and, each suite is completely unique, and completely private but more importantly keeping the environment as untouched as possible. Each suite was ingeniously fitted between rocks, trees and overhangs which created an amazing feeling of genuinely living within the surroundings.

This was the main focus when replacing the original Massaranduba Deck with Trex Spiced Rum. The product had to ensure that the new decking material kept the same natural look and feel as they had previously. Ensuring that it didn’t overpower or distract from the beautiful view each room and the main area already held.

The dark reddish-brown Spiced Rum Trex board reserved the natural timber look but with more depth of colour in the variegated colour provided a new richness to the area. Under foot the deep wood grain texture can be felt and is inviting when stepping out of the pool, but with the peace of mind that no splinters or screw heads will cause an interruption. Even more of a positive for the lodge was that maintenance now will be at a minimal, keeping the look and overall feel will remain as if it were still brand new in years to come.

The biggest difference which was noticed was the sound of the deck compared to the old timber deck, no more clacking, wobbling and “early morning wake up calls” from neighbours along the walk way – the Trex deck is smooth, solid and unnoticeable to the ear when you walk.

Making sure that the deck was installed according to spec and adding that little extra finishing touch every now and then along the way was SWA Decking & Thatchers. The on-site team was super timeous and finishing details kept to an extremely high standard, which has lent itself to a high-quality installation and an overall fantastic project.


Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge


Madikwe Game Reserve

Type of Installation:

Commercial Lodge


1 200m² of composite decking

Product Used

Trex Transcend | Spiced Rum

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