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Project Shipwreck Lodge

Uniquely designed around the enigmatic shipwrecks that line Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, there’s nowhere on the continent quite like Shipwreck Lodge. In fact, there’s nowhere on the continent quite like the Skeleton Coast.

Project Description

It’s a raw, rugged and impossibly remote slice of African wilderness, where towering dunes and wind-swept plains roll as far as the eye can see, buffeted by the icy Atlantic seas.

But there’s much more to the area than simple isolation. Stay at Shipwreck Lodge and game drive amongst desert-dwelling elephant and track elusive desert lion; discover the enchanting desert flora (succulents and lichens); sit atop the dunes as the sun sinks below the horizon; spend the day beach-combing for whale bones and debris from centuries of shipwrecks, or marvel at the geologically-remarkable Clay Castles. Really, there’s nowhere like it on earth.

Pepe Construction CC is a forerunner in eco-building concepts and was instrumental in constructing the lodge. He used pine ship lap cladding for the exterior cladding and saligna decking for the exterior. Pepe Construction incorporates as many natural elements into each build by using rocks, dead trees, canvas and many other natural elements to ensure the structure blends in with the unique environment. Pepe has been involved in some prestigious projects such as Onkoshi Camp, Sneyriver Hunting Loge and Damaraland Camp to name but a few.

On The Deck supplied the structural poles, structural pine, ship lap cladding and exterior saligna decking. We are proud to have been the preferred suppliers to this extreme project.


Shipwreck Lodge


Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Type of Installation:

Commercial Lodge


1 600m² Pine Cladding and Timber Decking

Products Used

Saligna Timber
CCA Pine Timber

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